"How Do I Tell This Guy To Stop Eating In My House?"

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There is this guy I once went for him to tutor me in one particular course, in that process I discovered that he has not eaten, so I gave him some money to buy food, another day he came to my house complaining he was hungry, I gave him my food to eat.

There was one weekend, he told me that he did not have money and he was expecting money the next week, throughout that weekend he ate in my side promising that when his parent sent money, he will repay but when the money came he used it to buy watch and some other irrelevant things. He didn't repay which affected me badly because of the money my struggling parent use to sent to me which is always small #10000 every three weeks.

Ever since then anytime he sees me in school and when he comes to my house he will ask if I have cook? Which I don't know how to tell him no.

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