Question Of The Day:- If 2016 Belongs To Wizkid And 2017 Belongs To Davido, 2018 Belongs To Who?

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Hello Guys,

How’s the first weekend of the new month going for you at your various end! May this new month harbinger goodness and mercies for us all.

Taking a closer and unbiased look at the Nigeria industry for the past 3 years, you will notice they haven’t been an autonomous relevancy unlike the past 10 years.

Flashing back to 2016, Wizkid dominated the Nigerian musical scene both in-home and abroad.

Wizkid’s dominance in 2016 is a result of this work. His single with Drake, ‘One Dance’ is a shoo-in for the 2016 Grammy award nominations.

After gifting Drake his first career number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and also becoming the most streamed song of 2016.

What Wizkid has over Davido this year was results. They both worked on the international scene. But one had results to show for his effort.

The other was delayed, and came too late, Well am talking about the Son Of Mercy EP, that was unnecessarily delayed by Sony Music.

Advancing to 2017,  That year was different for Davido. The vibe was different. The feeling was new then, and the music was successful.

Two singles turned things around for him, and he had a great run all through that year. Davido released five singles in 2017, but ‘If’ and ‘Fall’ was the best songs that Nigeria had that year.

Best not in terms of quality, but the commercial acceptance, and the cultural relevance that it has attained. So we gave it to Davido that year.

Now in 2018, Alot has went down from various artistes in the limelight, uncountable numbers of Soldout shows, Mindblowing Single, And Alluring Collaborative Works.

Drama filled year in the musical scene, I must say. The Uprising of some gone artiste and the fall of someone relevant ones.

2018 is in its final month. As is the tradition, Nigerian artists are scrambling to fill out the remainder of the year with new releases and albums.

So Guys ?

Tell Me, Who Has Had A Better Year Nigeria Music Scene In 2018 And Why?

Drop your comments, I’ll wait.


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