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Presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad, reacts to claims he shared Zambia road construction photos claiming they are of President Buhari's government

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THEY ARE ALL HATERS OF GOOD THING, THAT IS WHY THEY CAN'T ACHIEVE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE, If they fail to see God is seeing it, hear the lyrics - EDA YOHUN TO BAN SE RERE LAYE TOMO ARAYE BAN SEPEFUN , ISE OWO E AMA SADURAFUN, EDA YOHUN TO BAN SE BI LAYE TOMO ARAYE BAN SADURA FUN ISE OWO E AMA SEPE FUN, whosoever is doing good and people is cursing him, his hand work will be praying for him while any man that is doing evil and people are praying for him, his hand work will be cursing him. God is not unrighteous he knows your works and my works He will reward us accordingly .

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