Peruzzi tenders apology to Pamilerin

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DMW crooner, Peruzzi has tendered a public apology following an assault he committed on social media influencer, Pamilerin in the morning of yesterday, just when he was about to leave from an event in Bayelsa.

Peruzzi tendered his apology via his Personal Twitter handle and recognized that he was very very wrong for acting in such a way he did towards Pamilerin yesterday.

What he said in full:

I did very wrong for yesterday slapping Mr pamilerin, let my feelings get the best of me and I am very sorry. Apologies to Mr pamilerin and also to the general public. I’d never get into such a mess again. Love Only, I promise.

People come on here to say things just to get RTs and Likes. But you never get to really understand cos you’re on the “funny” end of the whole thing. Someone else is somewhere feeling hurt because you don’t see that very thin line between Opinion and Insult.

Nobody Holy. We learn To Grow

His tweet:

[email protected]_VIBES

Nobody Holy. We learn To Grow. ❤️


1:21 PM - Jun 10, 2019

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