OMG! See What This Cabman Got For Returning A Pasenger's N25k And International Passport

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A Cabman who returned as a woman's N25,000 and her International passport that has an American Visa after she forgot her handbag in his vehicle has labeled her 'selfish and an ingrate' for just giving him N500 as tip.

As revealed by the cabman, after the lady forgot bag in his vehicle, he drove back to her home and gave her the purse with her cash and International visa intact. Yet, his grieve is that the lady just gave him N500 tip for the great deed he had done

.Sharing a photo of the woman's purse with her money and international passport in it, he wrote:

'Today a lady forgot her purse in my car, there was N25,000 and an international passport that had an American visa in it. I drove back to her house to return it and she gave me a N500 tip. Some people are just so ungrateful.'

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