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NNU Income Payout (February 2018)

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February payout was successful. Over 1.2 million was paid out. A lot of members got paid for the first time as we tried to scrape off everything and empty the revenue account  and share as usual. To those who received payment, kindly take note that your commission was paid fully, while you got a share from your NARS earning. Your balance will remain intact as you earn more for next month payment.

While we recorded all eligible earning, affiliate earners are paid out first with the available monthly income till when it get exhausted.

Other pending earnings are carried over till the next month payout. You only need to earn more if you didn’t get paid. So, your earning is safe and you have nothing to worry about.

If you have any issue or complaint please email us on [email protected]

Thanks for cooperation, happy money making and happy new month.

Click here to view February payroll

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