New Music Records Label, DYH Records, Launched Officially

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The Nigerian music industry is set to feel an immeasurable impact due to the glorious emanation of a new music label, named DYH Records.
DYH Record Label was launched officially on 1st June, 2019 following the formation of a group titled DYH Crew in 2018 which consists of three talented artists known by their stage names, PSO, Diego Lyon and Studio Boy.
DYH Records is a brand new wave of creativity set to positively transform the face of music and entertainment not just in Africa, but globally. It was founded by a reputable internet icon, PSO (Paul Samson) due to his selfless desire to ensure the utilization of drowning talents.
This label manages other artists such as Diego Lyon (born Emmanuel Henry), Studio Boy (born Damian Obinna Agbo).
The group’s genre mainly includes afro beat, pop and hip hop, which is evident on their debut song titled “The Code” produced by Joseph Fabz. “The Code” is an urban theme motivational dance track for the young audience. The energetic track will get you up and to do, with great visuals directed by Clinton Ray Films.
While many Nigerian artists seem to be making wave globally, not so much has been done to help the young and promising talents on various streets. This is where DYH Records comes in, particularly to support, nurture, assist, sign and push upcoming and talented folks on the street.
DYH Records aims at producing, promoting and liberating the pleasant music Nigeria and Africa has to offer the world. This can be a great start for many new talents in Nigeria.
DYH Records is also warming up to release a bag of mind blowing songs soon. Stay tuned while anticipating to be served with juicy songs that could lessen your burdens and make you feel better.
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