"My Boyfriend Doesn't Have Time For Me!" - A Nigerian Need An Advice

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Dear Nipers, My Boyfriend Is Just Getting More Annoying These Days. He Won’t Call nor text for days, always claiming to be busy But anytime we see, he will turn to the sweetest guy on earth and I will feel like things should stay that way forever. But once we say bye to each other, it’s the same story until when we see again. It’s not a long Distance Relationship as u guys may think but I don’t know whats’ stopping him from showing care through calls and texts too. He doesn’t pick my calls too most times and that’s what I hate most. I like clingy, I like double texts, phone calls, Good morning and Good night texts. And now, am getting tired of the relationship. Dunno what to do, any advice, please!! Please she needs our advice, kindly drop them in the comment box below.

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