Michika district head returns to palace after Boko Haram, litigations sacked monarch

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The District Head of Michika, Ngida Zakawa Kwache, has officially been certified to assume office in the official district head palace in the heart of Michika town after the office remained in lock and key for five years following Boko Haram attacks and court litigations against his election as the district head.

Ngida Kwache won election as the Michika District head on December 31, 2013; but Boko Haram seized Michika in September 2014 and it remained a Boko Haram territory until soldiers liberated it on January 29, 2015; but the district head’s office which was vandalised, remained locked up since then, not just over fear of Boko Haram but also because of litigations questioning his ascension to the throne.

Ngida Kwache, a grandson of the founder of Michika, Kwada Kwakaa, got the opportunity to contest for and to win a selection process for the position after his predecessor, Mohammed Maude, died in 2013 after holding the office on acting capacity for 53 years.

Ngida Kwache who gave a background to his becoming the district head, said, “I am the first indigenous district head of Michika. The founder of this land is my great grandfather known as Kwada Kwaka. After him we had nine people who were Kings of this place. When the colonial masters were about going back, they wanted this place to have a district head. Election took place and my uncle (Stephen Kontikwara) won, but they said he was too young and he was not married.

“They gave the position to someone else on acting capacity. He stayed on the throne in that capacity for 53 years and then died in 2013. An election was held (on 23 December, 2013) in which 13 of us contested, including a son of the late district head. I emerged the winner and this is why the governor sees it fit that I should take over the office. He directed the emir of Mubi to give me my letter of appointment, which was given on 20 April, 2018.

“Since then, because of the insurgency, the office was vandalised and I have not been feeling comfortable to come. Now, our chairman sees it fit that I should come officially and take over the office.”

The Michika District is the heart of Michika, a principal town in Adamawa State and headquarters of the Michika Local Government Area and is overseen by the Emir of Mubi, Alhaji Abubakar Ahmadu.

Also speaking at the official reclaiming of the district head palace, the Chairman of the Michika LGA, Hon Mathew Favandzaer, said he had been authorized by the state government to hand over the district head office to Ngida Kwache, as Kwache had been confirmed for the office.



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