Mechanical Engineering Or Computer Science?

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I'd need a candid advice on this nairalanders. I'm a 300L mechanical engineering student but after my 200L, I noticed I was no more drawn to mechanical engineering as I'd have to do some courses I've no interest in.

So far, the only courses I've come to really like in mechanical engineering is mechanics, strength of material and machine designs. Reason being that I want to major in robotics.

I've had thoughts of switching to electrical and electronics engineering because of my interest in embedded systems. But, it'd take me back to 200l and I'd have to spend extra 2yrs in school. But I thought of borrowing some courses from Elect and then switching over to computer science as I've been into programming that it makes me drop my mechanical engineering's textbooks too often.

Because I had lost some money last year and my detachment from mechanical engineering, I had dropped from 1st class to 2.1 which stands at impeding my chance of getting a scholarship to further my studies in Robotics. I will not be able to come up to a first class unless I borrow tons of courses. Being that scholarships are highly competitive, I'm considering switching to computer science because it harbours my love for programming and electronics. I'm 25, and considering that I'd drop down to 200L as opposed to the 400l I'm heading towards, I was supposed to graduate by '20 but I'd be graduating by '21 if I change to computer science which is just a year difference. By then, I'd be 28.

Am I making the right choice? I really don't have the passion for mechanical again. I need some pieces of advice and possible outcomes of my decision.

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