Let’s Talk Music!!! What Are Your Best & Worst Songs Of 2018?

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This year has been fantastic for all successful Nigerians artist and music lovers all around the country.

There are plenty of pieces of music that are amateurish, inept, or just plain bad– usually written and/or performed by amateurish, inept or just plain bad artist, while there are some professionally written and well delivered tracks mostly by the big guns in the industry.

However, that’s not the type of “bad” I’m talking about. No, for something to be called “the worst” it has to have achieved some level of popularity and or ubiquity. A widely known, but awful, songs.

Furthermore your best songs of the year, it doesn’t have to be one of the popular song, it might be a song from any upcoming or professional artist around Nigeria.

The year 2018 is going to end in few weeks time we all will like to know your worst and best songs of this year 2018.

ME:– My best song is title ‘YE‘ by Burna Boy While the worst is title ‘FEVER’ by Wizkid.

Yes i agree my worst might be your best and my best might be your worst, that’s why the comment section is there for you to express your mind.

What Are Your Best & Worst Songs Of 2018?

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