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LET’s TALK: Big Breast vs Big Butts, Which Do You Really Prefer As A Guy?

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Pretty face is a physical quality in a lady many guys can’t negotiate.

When the face is pretty, then the question of whether to settle for big breast or big bumbum girl sets in.

Apart from pretty face, the big bumbum is a part of a lady’s body with potential to make a man’s sleeping cucumber rise.

Some guys no dey use eye see ladies with big butts, their prick will quickly catch the vibe and go hard instantly.😂

Depending on the size, breast can be very enticing to men too especially when you see a lady that knows how to package it and show it off with push-up bras.

I know some guys that their prick won’t stand until they touch or suck breast.😜

So Guys, let’s know which can easily turn you on.

The question is 👇

Between Big Breast And Big Butts, Which Do You Really Prefer As A Guy?

Let’s hear from you

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