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Let’s Play!! What Do You Call ‘Groundnut’ In Your Native Language? (Be Proud About It)

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Hi Guys,

Hope say una good?

Today, I have something interesting to ask you guys.

As we all know, we have a lot of ethnic groups in Nigeria and we speak different languages which some language can sound the same but means different thing entirely.

Yesterday, I was with a friend of mine who is from Hausa tribe and we saw a lady selling groundnut and we both called her the same time with out native language and it sounds funny to both of us 😂😂

Una sabi as we dey do am na, I just say make I come ask una so we go fit learn each other languages, if not all at least small.

For Me:- In Yoruba, we call it ‘Epa‘ and we call whoever is selling it ‘Omo Elepa‘ which means ‘Groundnut Seller‘.

Your turn now 👇🏾

What Do You Call ‘Groundnut’ In Your Native Language?

Be proud of your language

Drop your comments

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