Hello Guys

Since 4 to 5 years back, there have been series of cases of ATM fraud, scam and thefts.

Have you ever needed money badly that you get to about 4 or more machines without been able to withdraw? You just feel it’s your village people at work.

I always have a feeling that i am the only one who can never deal with ATM cards because of some personal reasons (not too personal though).

I have never ever thought of going to the machine without withdrawing above the normal amount I had in mind.

ATM cards have made me do some unnecessary spending. I always believe solely that I can get money anytime I want it as long as I have my card with me.

Getting to the machine sometimes you get to meet a huge and frustrating queue. That shit pisses me off.

Sometimes you hear the sound of the machine counting money and in the end, your cash will be retracted or your card been held back.

That thing is crazy. If it happens when you’re having serious konji, you can feel lifeless.

Almost everyone has had at least 2 different experiences about it.

So Back To The Basis Guys 👇

What Is Your Most Disappointing ATM Experience?

Drop your comments..