Is this really the worst thing that can happen to you in Lagos?

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I once worked in a Coy in Lagos, had a friendly driver who drove the car and we bonded together not as boss to the driver but as guy me, we were going on an assignment on one occasion and suddenly he began to feel very uncomfortable because he needed a toilet so badly, It was a real nature's call that was urgent, suddenly He requested to park the car at once, I though he would do it by the roadside, But NO, He ordered me down from the Hilux and took some of the old papers in the car and spread it on the seat and did his thing as though he was in the toilet. My perfume for that day changed from the one i wore from home to the current temperature in the car. He started patronizing me and kept apologizing for using company vehicle for nature's kiln. I couldn't contain my surprise at his quick solution and why should i worry? I can happen to me too.When Nature Calls even emperor must obey

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