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Is It Wrong To Introduced Herbs To Christians?

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Many Christians today did not believed in herb. They always says blood of Jesus is enough to heal them. My question
1. Who created the Herbs?
2. why did the herbs created ?
3. Is it a sin if Christian takes the herbs ?

Some pastors says it is not good to tell their members to take herbs while they took the herbs secret in their own house. why is it like that ?
This is a story of a pastor who has a member that is going through pains because her baby was seriously ill and she took her baby to her pastor, her pastor pray and prayed but no solution the pastor also read some psalms, burnt it and mixed it with pap for the child but nothing works.
A man came and saw the baby and said this sickness is from the womb that the baby ate hair when he was in the womb. So the man recommended herbs for the baby and the hair which was inside the baby was out through the man simple incantations. now the baby is alive.
please my people contribute to this topic.
pastors are taking herbs privately but they don't want to tell their members when they need help when sick. They said they don't want their members to call them herbalist ...
please contribute .......

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