Introducing NNU Trivia - Get ₦5,000 In Your Wallet For Instant Cash Out Now

By - - [ NNU Income ]

NNU Trivia is quiz system in which members can use their NARS earnings to play and get conversion in their wallet for cash out.

Quiz will be running for 24 hours daily in order to enable every member to participate and the winners would be announced and rewarded the next day.

Some members will be selected as winners, based on the condition of being the first set of persons to score 60% which is 60 marks out of 100 total marks within a very short period of time.

The quiz can be played 5 times with 5000 NARS points each.

We are starting with 5k NARS point to earn N5,000 into your wallet and cash out the following day. Subsequently, we shall make it bumper and member can win up to 50k to 100s of thousands naira to even a million naira cash reward playing NNU Trivia.

While we prepare more great features which members can use their NARS points for, let's rock NNU trivia and cash out as much as we want.

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