Hello Guys,

Good day and hope you all are doing great?

I believe you all are very familiar with issues like this if you’ve ever being in a relationship except say na “Pay as you go” na him you dey do 😂😂

Girls knows how to beg their guy for something especially asking for latest iPhone. As a guy, you might not be boxed up enough at that particular time. Nothing can be done than to beg her to cool down.

Most lady might get you frustrated if you don’t get them the phone on on time and might even start misbehaving badly to you except say the babe na understanding one.

Guys, now imagine this, you are yet to buy her the Phone and she came to your house with a new iPhone XS Max or iPhone X claiming her dad or uncle bought it for her 😳😳

As a guy, the first thing that will come to your mind is “E be like say this babe don dey cheat on me” 😰😰

Our Question = If this happens between you and your babe 👇

Be Sincere – What Would You Do?

Let’s hear from you all.

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