HOW TRUE IS THIS STATEMENT? School Dey Sweet, Na Exam Spoil Am

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Hello Everyone,

Whether you are still a Student or you’ve Graduated, everyone can relate to this statement ??

The fun that comes with School life is the best feeling anyone can ever have in his/her lifetime.

Campus life, Hostel life, the Classroom behaviors among students and different interesting Events on Campus is second to none. All these and many more are just damn interesting.

However, the moment Exam timetable comes out and it’s been posted on the Notice board ehn, e go just be like say person go do HIV test, mood go just change instantly ?

Now, once Exam starts, Campus & Hostels go just turn graveyard, everyone becomes very serious like mad (both the people reading and those writing down Expos to take into the Exam hall ?

I believe you all can relate to this very well ??

Now, let’s hear from you all. Say things from your own perspective ?

How Do You Feel During Exam Period?

Is It True That Exam Truly Ruins School Sweet Life?

Let’s hear from you all about this.

Drop your comments.

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