How To Resolve Android Issue Of "Camera Is Not Working" Or "Connect To Camera"

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Have you ever open your android phone camera and it says; “can’t connect to camera.” Well, this happens because the phone is bad. The problem might be hardware or sometimes software.

Below are possible solutions to this problem:

STEP ONE: Hold your power button and press the restart button and you will have your camera working as soon as it comes up.

STEP TWO: Go to phone settings, then apps and find the camera application, there locate storage, you’ll see clean cache, clear storage and clean it. Restart the device and check.

STEP THREE: Format your android device, but after the formatting if it is still not working then update the firmware.

STEP FOUR: Also, you can try camera restarter app from appstore. This App may help. But you need root access to use this app.

STEP FIVE: 50% of instances, shows this could be hardware fault and you should have to change the camera module.

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