How some ladies sexually harass men – Felicia Fred

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By Ayo Onikoyi

Any time the issue of sexual harassment comes up, the general idea is that the woman is always the victim, but this notion is not always true as men can be victims too. In a recent interview with Potpourri, Nollywood actress and model, Felicia Fred gives an insight on how men, particularly in the movie industry have been subjected to sexual assault.

•Felicia Fred

“To be honest, in this modern age, I don’t think people harass people sexually. It’s like saying you want to act in a movie, you want to feature in a movie, I want to sleep with you, I want to be your boyfriend, I will give you a role, it happens everywhere.

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Well, these days in the industry it’s not about the men, some ladies harass men too, they tell you I have bigger hips than Mercy Johnson give me the role. I have bigger ass than Omotola give me the role and you know it happens, even I as an upcoming actress I get a lot of messages on my inbox and they are like please I want to act in the movie and these are ladies sending me  messages like I can do anything just hook me up with anybody.

Men hardly harass ladies, its the other way now. Mostly, it is the upcoming actresses that harass them now, I don’t know about those days. If you go to a director’s phone you need to see the number of WhatsApp messages he gets from strangers begging him, telling him what they can do anything to feature in a film. So, these days  in the industry the women tend to harass the men the other way round,” she said.

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Felicia has a huge social media presence, so much so, that her page has been verified. Before her page was hacked she had over 700 thousand followers but presently toned down to just over 100 thousand. She also has a foundation dedicated to helping people in distress. She’s a mass communication Bsc degree holder from Nnamdi Azikiwe University.



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