"Help! This Prophesy Won't Let Me Settle Down"

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I was schooling in the Western Nigeria at the time of this incident. One day I traveled to a distant city, and since the person I went there to see was not a church goer, I located a church around for Sunday service. During the service, their pastor or someone like that, who I didn't know anywhere before that day, singled me out of the crowd and said, "Don't put yourself under pressure looking for a wife. Your wife is nowhere near. She is in a very distant place, and you will travel to the place before you can meet her." Before the actual prophesy, she said "You're not in any dating relationship and you live alone. Two people told you they wanted to start living in your apartment. Please, don't welcome them." That is very accurate. I was living alone in a room. Two friends, who were also students, told me that they would start living with me the following semester because they wouldn't be able to afford their house rent by the time we resumed for the next semester. But I'm not a student of that type of prophetic school of thought. So, I don't rely on the prophesy. But despite all my efforts, unmarried women kept disappointing me until I lost interest in dating. So, I no longer care about getting a wife. But my people are mounting pressure on me to get married. They then started arranging women for me. I'm handsome, and anywhere I go, girls and married women won't stop looking my direction. I'm very funny and fluent in English. After meeting those arranged for me the first time, they stopped talking to me afterwards, despite that they couldn't look at me in the face when we first met. But this is not so with married women. I can swear that two married women offered me s8x of recent. I'm 37, and tired of being not married. Is this prophesy the thing that is orchestrating my woes?

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