Govt Should Be Run Like Business, Non Performers Sacked: Senate President

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Senate president Ahmed Lawan
Senate president Ahmed Lawan

The senate president, Ahmed Lawan has advocated for non performers in government sacked while stressing that there is the need to run government like a business.

Lawan made this known during a plenary session on Thursday while the house was discussing incessant Book Haram attacks.

“Going forward, we have to find a better structure and architecture for our security to provide the necessary service that we need,” he said.

“Time has come for us to ensure that governance is done like it’s business, you employ someone, give the person a target. He accepts on the basis of the fact that he can meet the target. If he doesn’t meet the target and there is no cogent explanation or reasons why he fails, then he should go.

“When we hold people responsible, they are likely to perform better.”

“I think that beyond mere propaganda, let us address this issue by going to the source. It is not about intelligence, we don’t lack intelligence. These people come in trucks and people who come with trucks cannot be invisible.

“They come in trucks and they are well armed.”


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