Girls Crush Easily On Me But I Can't Make Out On Any, What Could Be The Cause?

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Am tall,. Lean muscles (skinny type), curly hair, and am fresh (i look like a black american) Its been bothering me for a while now.

Even with the fact that am an extremely handsome guy and am quite intelligent, i mean i would speak well about any topic you bring up.

But i have never had a girl matter any clique i walk with, chances are i will be the finest but even with that girls keep running from me even though i usually get compliment(on my looks) from some.

My friends would usually tell me that many girls are crushing on me, i dont usually sense that though. But when i finally get to talk to them they usually seem uninterested. One once told me i have a bad boy's look.

Please, guys what could be the problem? P.S today's own almost broke really sad.

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