FOR FUN!!! You’re In Need Of A Hit Song To Save Your Life, Which Artiste Will You Call?

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Disgruntled worker bringing a gun to work

As 2018 is running to an end and coming to a close, everyone is praying for protection and guidance from all forms of evil

But God forbid, you’re going home and unfortunately you ran into men of the underworld who kidnapped you, but your only ransom is not money.

The only ransom is this “You are to call up a Nigerian artiste to record a song” And that’s not the only thing, this song has to be a hit song that would last long.

But here is the problem, Out of all the thousands of artistes we have in Nigeria, who can you call up to save you?

Which Artiste Will Not Disappoint You And Let You Down?

Tell us your own Saviour in the comment section

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