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#fact - An Important Letter To All Nigerian Men (A Must Read)

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Dear men,

Withdrawal system still remain the best and the most effective Family Planing method. (Common Sense is Required). I discovered that its hard for some men, but there could be an “ATM machine” dude in your neighborhood who can teach you how its done benevolently. Just swallow your pride to learn and you will always find it easy to withdraw at any time.

So, whenever you feel a very sweet sensation and about to have OG, you should always remember these facts below and get the fuck out of that mood immediately. Either forcefully or anyhow without allowing insemination.

— That the population in the country is very high with limited job.
— That the baby food is very expensive.
— That the school fees is on the rise too.
— That your daily income might not be enough to be a responsible father and secure a good family living yet.
— That Nigeria’s poverty level index hits 72% in 2016 and some causes of poverty are:

— Changing trends in a country’s economy,
— Lack of education (mostly on stuff like this),
— Unplanned Pregnancies
— Unplanned Births e.t.c

Unless you are ready and well prepared because no child should be brought into this part of the world (Nigeria) without visible means of providing for him physically, FINANCIALLY, psychologically and emotionally.

We believe God give children but men produce babies and when you produce unnecessarily without cutting your coat according to your size, it may affect you negatively, endanger your plans for success or slow you down on your journey to success.

You may wallow in poverty and of-course become part of people creating problem for this country by increasing the population while you are not financially buoyant.

Forget those immature faiths (My case is different 2018) and those formalities yearly tags by religious organizations.

One provocative preaching topic among some religious organization (JV) is “The end is near”, reasons being that everything has changed according to them and their believe.

You will hear:

** 1,000 naira is no longer enough to cook pot of soup.
** Children no longer get job immediately after they graduate. Does that mean the end is really near? Well, everybody with their own belief.

But how do you expect children to get job immediately after graduating from school, when you keep producing football teams and increasing population even when you are poor without any plan for them? Have you noticed? These preachers are poor both financially and their thinking mostly and they produce children a lot. (Inability to make a withdrawal or control birth production)

Listen, all these our greedy and selfish leaders (govt.) cannot provide job for everyone (It’s not possible). The population is much and those foolish old people are not ready to retire for the young generation. The rich don’t want to get poor and the poor are producing and increasing population without thinking or using common sense.

Lastly, I am going to leave you with these few words of advise that stick to your hustle, #DYH #thinkwealth, #think steady source of income, focus and become rich. Learn withdrawal system and avoid unnecessary baby mamas and paper bag GF or WF.

See you next time.

Yours Sincerely
Paul Samson PSO


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