Have You Ever Been Scammed Online? If Yes, How Did It Happened?

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Dealing with people online in Nigeria today might be one of the most scariest decision to take as some fraudulent Nigerians are looking for Victims to defraud of their hard earned money online everyday. Whether you intend to buy something online or pay for a service, the fear of being Scammed or falling to the wrong hands will surely come to mind. According to a report online, 85% of Nigerians online are Fraudsters looking for innocent people to Scam both locally and globally by either Advertising on Social Media or Sending Scam emails to you Inbox. Some of such Scams includes; ■ Advertising a Car worth 5 million naira for N500,000 and claiming to be a Custom Official selling off Seized vehicles. ■ Advertising Data plans online at a very ridicoulus prices e.g MTN 40GB for 2k or Etisalat 20GB for N500 etc. ■ Claiming to be a Blogger or Owner of Top Nigerian Websites/Blogs and promising to help Upcoming Artistes promote their song on these platforms at a very cheap price only for them to pay and the Scammer disappears. ■ Asking unsuspecting Nigerians to borrow them money to pursue their late parent’s properties at the Court and in return, they promise to pay back times 100 of such funds e.g Borrow 1m to get 100m Naira. ■ Sending Bank Phising page links to emails, asking users to login and input their ATM Details or online banking login to get their Account from being blocked. Some of these Fraudsters are foolish as they most times send you Bank login address you don’t even have Account with. The bottom line is that only Greedy people falls for their crazy offers while looking for loop holes to get things done for them at Unbelievable prices e.g Some upcoming Artiste wants to pay N5,000 to get Songs on Naijaloaded when they know we officially charge N50,000. Our question today is “Have You Ever Been Scammed Online? If Yes, How Did It Happened?” Share your experience by dropping your comments below. Let’s hear yours!  

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