Dos and Don'ts of Job Hunting

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The digital age has redefined the method of job-hunting. The world has grown from moving from one office door to another, dropping off CVs and application letters. All these can now be done comfortably from the comfort of a home or any location. The internet has increased reach-ability and exposure to a wide array of job opportunities.

However, there are other things that job seekers need to understand, values they need to imbibe and steps they must take to make themselves eligible for job opportunities available.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tweak And Adjust Your CV

Whenever a job ad is created, the manager for that position is involved in creating the mandate. That means that he or she is actually describing the person they want to hire. This is your biggest clue of all, so really read that description and think about what makes you qualified for the job and how to make yourself qualified for it.

Make Sure You Include Every Software Program You Know/ Learn Software Programs

Even if you think it’s not relevant, companies are always interested in tech-savvy people. So, list everything you are familiar with, even if it’s a program you learned in secondary school. You just never know what will grab their attention.

Google Yourself

Get ahead and find out what they will uncover about you on the internet. If some strange images come up in the search, you know what you’ve got to do. And remember, that it is possible to make certain search results appear higher on the results list

Tap Into Your Network

Your job hunt is not some secret mission that you should embark on alone. Make your wide network of family and friends aware that you are seeking a new challenge. Alert your Facebook friends or making a funny post on Instagram about your job hunt. However you do it, take advantage of the hundreds of eyes and ears in your circle.


Engage With Companies You Are Interested In

Of course, you should be following them on social media. Of course, you should test out their products or engage with their customer service.

Experience the company in any way possible, either in the digital world or the physical world, to gain insight into that company and what they do. I assure you this will come in handy during the interview.

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