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Does mum still fancy her old flame?

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Dear Bunmi,

I finished university education recently and mum used her clout to get me to serve in the state of my choice by sending me to one of her influential friends.

Of course, I knew who he was then, an ex-boyfriend of mum’s. But the way he fell all over trying to help made me have a feeling there was still something between them. After my youth service, he not only made sure that I got employed right away, he also gave me some money to tide me over until I got my first salary.

My dad runs a law firm with three other lawyers but he does not have mum’s connections in the corporate world. She used to be a confidential secretary now turned a director of a good company. Instead of dad to be thankful for all she’s done for us, he has started grilling me about this man and insinuating that mum is still sleeping with him.

It wouldn’t surprise me if she was, but mum has warned me never to even tell dad that this man had been so helpful to me. Dad thinks he just helped with my job.

How should I handle dad when next he gets inquisitive?


by e-mail.

Dear Nnenna,

Apart from your suspicion, you too, like your dad, have no proof of anything going on between your mother and her ex-lover,

A lot of past relationships still thrive in spite of the couple getting married to different partners.

Tell your dad the truth, that as far as you know, there is nothing untoward going on between your mum and this man who has been of more help to you than even your own father in getting you a job.


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