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DMW Vs Starboy: Who Is Winning In 2018 Already?

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The game has changed in 2018 already. Record labels are now acknowledging the power of unity. Everyone prefers making music with their in-house artillery. This will make the brand more popular and in the nearest future, also make the brand more powerful. That was the exact plan, Emperor Geezy had for G-Worldwide. Problem was they lacked the enough arsenal needed to secure a place at the top. Kiss Daniel was collaborating with producers belonging to other labels and he needed someone apart from Sugarboy to collaborate with. In 2018, Wizkid seems to have finally relocated back to Nigeria. Seeing his brand was losing the power tussle to Davido‘s owned label DMW who ran the game effectively in 2017, Wizkid saw his influence in the local music scene diminishing. He had no label acts, Starboy was made up of only him and Mutay. While DMW had a bunch of talents churning out hits, people only knew Starboy because of Wizkid. With the dawn of 2018, Wizkid announced he had signed three new artistes; Ceeza Milli, Spotless and Terri. Wizkid obviously meant business in 2018 and it was not a time for jokes. Serious business and Davido too isn’t the one to give up easily. With four months almost gone in 2018, we look at how the two labels have fared. Starboy’s Soco vs DMW’s Mind Mind was released first with Soco coming weeks later. Mind came with a lot of fuss and vibe as it’s strength bothered on the lyrical output from Dremo, Mayorkun, Peruzzi and label Honcho, Davido. Produced by in-house beat maestro, FreshVdm. “Mind” ruled Radio waves and topped series of charts for weeks. Its strength cane from Davido’s hit making strategy: A wonderful beat, a memorable hook and a nice flow. The hook: “I don’t even mind loving you” was a popular line on the lips of many listeners. However, it’s reign at the top became disrupted by Soco. Wizkid seeing Davido had taken over with Mind and Flora My Flawa, he released Soco two weeks after. Soco showed the dexterity and quality of the whole starboy family. The tempo of the beat is similar to Manya‘s as it signifies the basic Afro beat sounds. Wizkid‘s perfect Afro beat! Latest recruits, Ceeza, Spotless and Terri didn’t disappoint as they all brought their lyrical prowess to the scene. Amazing fact is Wizkid shot two videos for the song, which showed his ability as a perfectionist. Since then, Soco had been trending nationwide. DMW act, Mayorkun even vibed to Terri’s part on the song repeatedly which stemmed the fact that Soco was indeed a hit song. Starboy’s Commando vs DMW’s Aje Immediately after dropping Soco, Wizkid revealed “Commando” as the next official single from the Starboy family. This time, Mutay was the creative influence behind the song. With pictures of the already shot video shared on Instagram, the whole Starboy family kept wetting our appetite for the song to be released. Soco had taken over the country with its Afro beat influence. Celebrities paid homage to the song and everyone was in awe as how Terri sang the first verse. While we were expecting an extended play from Soco, Wizkid and Mutay had a turnaround, taking us back to feel-good music. Classic sounds with some Pon Pon sound slipping in and some elements of Afro beat influence. This is the perfect music suited to flow along with palm wine on a cold Saturday Night. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to while you take a shower. That kind of music that helps the mind relax and soothes the soul. Credit must go to Spellz for this amazing beat. Unheard of. A week after, Davido and his cohorts dropped Aje. Using the same template as Mind, Aje had a similar strategy. A chorus and a hook sang by everyone with a similar flow and word play strategy. Produced by Fresh, the song harnessed African beats from Ghana and Congo and coupled with flows and rhythmic flows from everyone that dropped a verse on the song, Aje grew into a vibe that kept us hooked to the song 24/7. Davido and Wizkid are both honchos of the labels they belong to. Davido this year has been going on tour all over the continent and also made stops at different places in the United Kingdom. Wizkid has been resilient in 2018. Wizkid realized his influence on the local scene had started to decline and Davido was gradually taking over the African Music Scene with his melodious music that appealed to both Young and Old. Wizkid has become engrossed with his international takeover that his Caribbean sounds no longer appealed to the local fans. Davido took advantage of the dearth in gap and that worked out for him in 2017 and it’s still working for him in 2018. Everywhere Davido goes, he shuts it down and he’s already becoming a fans’ favourite ahead of Wizkid. While both of them have signed amazing talents to the label who will jostle and compete for glory and prize, this year would be a fight between labels instead of individuals. Everyone is gradually paying attention to unity and the power it possesses. DMW and Starboy will compete for top notch prizes and awards this year. Controlling behind the scenes would be Wizkid and Davido. Who Do You Think Is Winning In 2018 – Starboy or DMW? Source:-

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