Date For The First Ever Lagos Games Festival Announced

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The first edition of the Lagos Games Festival, will feature online, physical, and the local games.

And it will hold on April 20th at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos State Nigeria.

NNU sports gathered, that the organizers said there was need to present a platform where the gaming culture can be revived in Lagos and the whole country, also stating that the participants when engaged through the forum can be discouraged from social vices in the society.

Speaking at the occasion yesterday to newsmen, Mr. Shina Memud, the Chief Executive Officer of Lagos Games Festival, said:

“I am always looking at the business side of the gaming culture. There is a struggle for the developers and the people in the games industry to actually survive. Obviously, in every context around human beings, if there is no value, in terms of creating money, it doesn’t make sense.

“Why we are creating the festival to celebrate the gaming culture and the business opportunities for people who want to invest in the games. If there is no money to be made, the creators of these gaming applications will not be able to thrive for them to continue to create the games enjoyed by people,” he said.

To the Games Lead Project, Amusa Abiodun: “The reason for the gaming culture is to bring back the old culture. We have so many games for everyone on the festival day. This festival is borne out of love for the games. I have been a gamer for a very long time, having opened my first game shop way back in 2003.

“This festival came on board when my partner sold the idea that we should together over this. Then I felt it was expedient to bring it back considering social vices in cyber crimes and the rest. We thought it would be best for us to bring back the old culture of being addicted to games where one, learns, develops his/her mind and have fun,” he stated.

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