Daddy Showkey is Disgusted With the Way Nigerian Government are Handling Naira Marley's Case

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Daddy Showkey has come out to slam the government over the manner at which Naira Marley was treated during his arraignment in court [Faces International Magazine]

Daddy Showkey defies all odds and has come out to publicly slam the Nigerian Government over the way at which Naira Marley was treated amid his arraignment in court.

Daddy Showkey took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, where he shared a video and communicated his displeasure over the quantity of security men present at Naira Marley's court preliminary. 

Daddy Showkey further questioned the government why they failed to do the same to corrupt politicians in the country. He insists on them investing the same energy used on Naira Marley to corrupt politicians in the country. 

He said:

"Eye wey cry ? dey see road O na weytin this boy do self wey we never see before, na him kill people will Bomb ? na him thief nigeria money yeye dey Smell #showdonshow #daddyshowkey #lionclan #asalamamovement #ajegunletotheworld #positionurself," 


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