Caption this photo of Idris Elba and James Bond actor, Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes

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Hahaha, a troll photo about the whole Idris Elba being James Bond. Truth is, Idris is bigger than the James Bond role right now. If you insist he's not bigger, tell me whether the white actors who've had the role were as popular as Idris prior to getting the role. James Bond is just thriving on past glory, who even still watches, its a dead franchise. Casting Idris will only make people interested in the franchise again, so the producers win. If they're interested in giving opportunities to black actors, overhaul the franchise, cast a good, unpopular black actor as James Bond, so that the person's career can grow with the series. I can name many good, young, black actors with gravitas off the top of my head who'll nail that role. I'm tired of Hollywood giving "black" roles to only Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and now Idris.


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