BE SINCERE!! Is Your Current Partner Better Than Your Ex Or Worst?

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Guys, dating a Nigerian girl is sincerely the most difficult thing on Earth. E hard die 😭😭😭

All those MTH courses for University multiply by Physics and Chemistry courses all joined together are easier compared to dating & satisfying a Nigerian girl.

You will think your relationship is the most complicated, most frustrating one until you hear what your friends and family are experiencing in their own relationship.

I remember I stopped dating a girl back then in school because she has Slight Mouth odour and I got a new babe, na there my problem start 😭

The new girl I eventually got is nothing but a pig, she can wear 1 pant for 3 weeks I don complain tire but the weyrey no gree change.

Guys, I eventually had to go back to the former babe oooo.. Na Mouthwaste and Baba Blue na him I dey buy for her steady all through school before I finally got someone better.

Guys, we’ve got a question for you all today 👇

Be Sincere – Is Your Current Partner Better Than Your Ex or Worst?

Let’s hear from you all.

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