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Bashir Ahmad says Buhari has never defected to any party

By - - [ Update Vanguard ]

Bashir Ahmad, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistant ton New Media has said that President Buhari has never defected from any political party.

Former Governor of Kano, Rabiu Kwankwaso has tweeted that ‘When Buhari defected from APP to ANPP to CPC & to APC, We respected his decision as constitutional right, no one from us called him Christian or Prostitute.

‘But one lunatic fringe with poor Islamic moral upbringing called our Leader C & P, because of his 10K monthly whoredom fee’

But Bashir Ahmad explicated that ‘President Buhari has never defected to any party. APP changed its name to ANPP. After many crises rocked the party, in 2010 he resigned and formed CPC. And CPC with 2 other parties were merged to form APC.

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