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As A Nigerian, Do You Have Integrity? Olawepo Hashim Steers Debate

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Ordinary Nigerians have integrity, Olawepo Hashim declares, as he steers debate on social media

Peoples Trust (PT) presidential candidate, Mr. Olawepo Hashim has steered a debate on the social media after releasing a graphic statement that simply said, ‘’ordinarily, Nigerians have integrity’’.

The rising presidential candidate, who is on the mission to lead a ballot revolution come 2019 urges his supporters to share the message if they have integrity themselves.

Recall that Hashim made similar remark during the People’s Trust (PT) stakeholders meeting over the weekend in Abuja, the nation's capital.

According to him, there used to be a time in Nigeria, when people selling will keep commodities by the road side, indicating the prices with number of stones placed on it and walk away with confidence without harm and come back either hours or days to meet pick money after being sold.

The third force candidate who is neck to neck with President Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar explained that, when people come to buy the items, they will pick what they want, drop their money without issue of theft which means Nigerians have integrity.

He maintained that the situation Nigeria found itself is as a result of failure of leadership and he is well-equipped to lead the nation to prosperity.

Do you think ordinary Nigerians have integrity? Or better still, do you have integrity?

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