''Are social media influencers contributing to high rate of depression?' Instagram users debate following viral video of a spoken word artist ''criticizing'' influencers

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There is an ongoing debate on social media�over the impact most social media influencers are making on their followers and how it is seemingly contributing to the high rate of depression.�

The debate started after popular spoken word artist, Prince E.A, at a public function, examined how many people are now being influenced by the post some social media influencers are posting online. In his opinion, some people are now allowing the images people create online dictate and determine their happiness.

Many people have shared this video, applauding him for his comment. However, some social media users are of the opinion that it is only people who are�not content with what they have that would allow people's posts on social media lead them into depression or force them to live a lifestyle they can't afford.

What is your take on this? Watch the video of Prince E.A speaking and the comments people have made below



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