Adekunle Gold Vs Jidenna

By - - [ Entertainment ]
Jidenna, the ‘classic’ man, and Adekunle, the ‘golden’ man; have many things in common even though their style of music is different. They are both successful musicians and their sense of style is quite exceptional. As the classic man, Jidenna is always looking classy. Whether he is stepping out in suit or shirt and pants, there is always a wow factor to admire. What more is expected from a man who was once the face of ankara? On the other hand, the golden man, Adekunle Gold always gets the attention with his Afrocentric style, a fusion of Nigerian adire or batik with a bit of modern twist. They are both good-looking, trim and their voices can be termed as tools of seduction. It may be difficult to choose between these two when it comes to fashion because they slay in everything they put on. Their personal style is full of drama; the stylish drama that pops all the interesting colours and at the same time has the full dose of African vibes.  Between these two, creativity runs wild, whether in their music or in fashion. Just as Jidenna serves clashing prints hot in a way one never thinks they can blend, Adekunle Gold’s choice of culturally made Nigerian adire and batik will convince you that style is what you make of it. They both did a good job in making their music and fashion inseparable. These two gentlemen and singers have Africa rooted in a deeper part of their hearts.

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