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Why You Should Not Chew Tablets

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Tablets are not be chewed in the mouth before swallowing. Many people chew tablets in their mouths because they find It difficult to swallow them like most people do. Tablets are not foods that you chew in the mouth either to feel the taste or to break It down for digestion. Tablets contains one or more medicinal substances that are designed to treat or prevent disease and infections.


1. Some tablets contain more than one medicinal substance that are not compatible. Chewing such tablets bring the incompatible drug substances together. Incompatible medicinal substances can interact to form a new substance that lacks therapeutic action or that is even toxic. Also the two or more medicinal substances in a tablet may react chemically together. This interaction may precipitate, hydrolyse, or denature one or more of the drug substance leading to loss of therapeutic action when the tablet is taken.

2. Some tablets are formulated in such way so as to release the drug substance or substances they contain slowly over a period of time. Certain tablets are formulated as sustained release or extended release. If such tablets are chewed, the drug substance or substances they contain is or are released immediately all at once. The goal of giving such tablets which is to provide therapeutic effect over period of time is then defeated. And in certain cases the high amount of the drug that enter the body system may cause serious undesirable effect in the patient.

3. Also, some tablets are enteric- coated, which means they are formulated to release the drug substance or substances they contain in the lower portion of the gastrointestinal tract or to protect the stomach from the irritant effect of the drug.They are protected with acid-resistant coating and therefore will not absorbed in the stomach. If such enteric-coated tablets are chewed, the drug substance or substances they contain is released in the stomach where It may destroyed by gastric acid. These are some of the reasons some patients don't get better when after taking drugs. So the next you want to take tablets, ensure you swallow It without chewing. Any tablets you are given, don't chew It. Chew tablets only when your doctor or pharmacist ask you to do so.

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