Which Record Label Do You Think Will Be Topping The Table,If Nigerian Music Industry Is A Football League?

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Lets get playful a bit. I just had a thought about the rate at which our industry is growing and how effective we’ve become in the world.

Nigerian Entertainment Industry is the power house of Music in Africa as a whole.

These days, every country’s league keeps getting hotter by the day, and how nothing seems to be predictable in football anymore.  Just one player can make the difference a whole team need.

So is the music industry getting hot. No artiste can ever be written off.

Some record labels don’t really get much attention but sometimes, if the table turns to an artiste there, the story changes.

Football is another instrument that is used to bring people from different ethnic group, tribes and races together and making the world become a more peaceful place for everyone.

Just as much as music happens to be greatest weapon and communication in the world, Football is also the most recognized language as well.

With the quality in each record labels, everyone is the best in their game.

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