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Travel Light

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Friends either make or mar you, most people stay with you when the going is good, some are close to you because of what they can get from you, they laugh with you when you are around but speak ill of you when you are away. Judas sold Jesus out with a kiss, he did it with ease, what do we need friends for? To help us? Stand by us? The answers are simple, but often times, friends turn out to be snitches, many have been destroyed by so-called friends. Even spouses can turn out to be enemies, it is that weird, so choose your friends wisely. Today I shall be telling a story to expose some Judas’ trait.

Morenike, stood at the edge of her bed, leaned forward with her two hands fixed to the jaw, she was in the midst of her thought when Sade walked in, Morenike hope all is well? This one you look worried, my friend all is not well o, my husband has been giving me a headache, do you believe he only gives me 500 Naira to prepare soup, lai lai Olorun maje, me I can't take that o, I trust my loving husband he gives me 5000 Naira to prepare soup, he even adds 1000 Naira to it as transport fare, enh enh? Iya je mi, see me here suffering I will deal with that man when he comes back, cant he make money like his mates? Every day he complains about how small his salary is, I suspect he has a girlfriend outside, I can't continue with this.

At 6 pm in the evening, Tunji, Morenike’s husband walked in cheerfully with a plate of rice he had bought from Mr. biggs, honey where are you? Morenike hid behind the door to the bedroom, sneaked in on Tunji held him from behind and turned the skinny man like a steering wheel, stupid man, is this what your mates buy for their wives? She snatched the plate of rice, the way an Agbero snatches money from drivers on highways, opened the plate and emptied it on her husband, lost in the moment Tunji was asking, dear, what is happening, what have I done wrong? before he could finish his statement, a heavy slap landed on Tunji’s jaw, he ended up on the bed bleeding like a ram that was being slaughtered for Salah. Tunji cried in a loud voice my face, my face, he thought of hitting her wife in retaliation, but he remembered how his father used to batter his dear mother, since the demise of her mum, Morenike has been the only woman after Tunji’s heart. He stood up, looked tothe ceiling and said, rest in peace dear mother I will not disobey you by beating my wife, he picked one of his shirts and headed out, in with a furious voice he yelled, by the time I come back I don't want to see any of your belongings, it is over between us.

By now, it has dawned on Morenike that her life is in tatters, she packed her belongings in tears, staring at the fallen plate of rice, she felt like rolling herself over the rice. She pulled a call through to Sade, the phone rang 3 times before Sade picked, hello hello hello, Sade, it's me Morenike, she didn't hear Sade’s voice but he heard noise in the background, Charles, Sade’s husband had beaten his wife to stupor, she was beaten because she couldn't give Charles the 20,000 Naira she promised him, this was someone who said her husband gives her 5000 for soup with t fare. Morenike’s home is broken because she listened to a silly piece of advise. Becareful who you listen to, always choose your friends wisely, travel light.

NB; I want to start a series on life in diaspora, please let me know if you want to hear undiluted stories of what Nigerians in obodo oyinbo are going through. 

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