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The 21st Century Marriage  (Must Read)

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The 21st Century Marriage 

Gone are the days when you only allow man of the house to foot all the family bills when the wife is also buoyant to do same! 

Wife, will you allow him foot all the bills in the name of his the bread winner of the family? 

Won't you want to help him out upset those bills even when you can? 

When and where was it written that it's the sole responsibility of the man to foot all the bills? 

I thought it was suppose to be a joint effort, why allow him bear all the stress and struggle all alone? 

Do you want him to break down when you can? 

The answer is no! 
If your marriage must stand eternity, you've got to share responsibilities! 

Welcome to 21st century Marriage Equality where all hands must be on desk for the sustainability of the family! 

Female Nipers what do you think? 
How have you been helpful to your spouse? 

Are you the type that believes it's the man who does all the spending while you stay at home and do all the eating? 

Let's say them as it touches us! 

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