Rio Ferdinand Pinpoints $ Critise One Player For The Happenings Of Yesternight's Match

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In Wednesday’s epic Champions League quarter-final second leg against Manchester City at the Etihad, the former Manchester United star, Rio Ferdinand pinpointed one player and critisezed one player for the happenings in the field of play.

From the match, recall that the two teams fired five goals in an astonishing first 21 minutes to level the aggregate score at 3-3, with Spurs ahead on away goals.

It was Raheem Sterling who scored the opener for Manchester City, curling a sublime effort past Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

But Ferdinand was not happy with the way Tottenham attempted to defend the fourth minute goal.

Right-back Kieran Trippier allowed Sterling to cut in onto his favoured right foot.

Ferdinand believed Trippier should have done more to stop the City forward.

“I need a breather, I had a sweat on and everything, it was unbelievable,” Ferdinand said at half time on BT Sport.

“The first 10 minutes, I’ve never been involved in anything like it watching a game.

“The two wide players have been majestic.

“Stayed wide, spread this back four out completely.

“Watch [David] Silva here bringing Trippier in, which makes space for Sterling.

“Once he gets there Trippier, he does nothing to stop Sterling coming onto his favoured right foot.

“You watch him here, it’s too easy.

“As a full-back you know your players, you don’t show him inside there.

“You can’t, you’ve got to show him to the line and make him cross it with his weaker foot.

“He doesn’t do either, that allows him to come inside and what a finish from Sterling.”

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