Reactions From "Yahoo Boys" Fraudulent Activites Now Heated, Following Deaths Of These Unfortunate Victims

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Recently the story and the Nigerians whose loved ones have fallen victim to internet fraud have narrated their experiences and how the actions of these so-called "Yahoo boys" almost tore their families apart.

NNU wishes to pop uo this tweet of a tweep who narrated the story of a friend's brother who committed suicide after he was duped by internet fraudsters.

As gathered, the death of the frauded man tore his family apart, beginning with his mom who couldn't take the demise of her solitary child, so she passed on in her rest months after the incident.

Others additionally shared their accounts and encounters of being hoodwinked.

In any case, extortion theological rationalists responded, guaranteeing everybody who succumbs to fraudsters did as such in light of the fact that they were covetous.

Notwithstanding, Twitter users are now reacting that anybody can fall unfortunate casualty, particularly thinking about how cunning these fraudsters can be, including the ones who send messages acting like your bank and request that you supply private data about your record.

Read tweets below.


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