Reactions After This Nigerian Girl Says Men Asking Her Out Naturally Owes Her Money

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Any man who wants to be in a relationship with me naturally owes me some money, this was the statement a young Igbo Lady made that brought her under fire by reactions from people.

The young lady identified simply as Nneka, speaking via Twitter said she believes that it is only natural for a man to take care of the financial responsibilities of his woman and it isn’t negotiable.

A lot of people on Twitter have ‘attacked’ Nneka over the statement, many are of the opinion that, a relationship shouldn’t be a ‘poverty alleviation scheme’, however there are a few who believe she spoke for a majority of Nigerian women.
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I’m still appalled that someone could open their mouth to say “once you say you love me, you owe me money”

Iyalaya e shishe owo simi lowo ni? #Nneka

— IG – Demo_uk (@DemonLomoLatile) April 12, 2019

A relationship is not a poverty alleviation scheme!
A relationship is not a poverty alleviation scheme!
A relationship is not a poverty alleviation scheme!

"I love you" is not equal to credit alert!

Make and spend your own money!

For all the #Nneka here.

— Kizito Eze (@kizzysly) April 12, 2019

Can we end this misogynistic and misandry behaviour and respect each other's gender in relationships. For once, let the woman be responsible for herself, and the man be responsible for himself. But together become an entity no one can contend with. End this #Nneka bullshit!!!

— Williams PJ (@Iam_ediwilly) April 12, 2019

The entitlement of girls like Nneka is reason why some men use and treat girls like garbage. I know I will spend on you, and that doesn’t stop you from doing same. But feeling entitled to my money is only going to make a man see and end you like a transaction.
Receive sense.

— Umeh and 99 others (@UMEHoma) April 11, 2019

While 22 years old Alaa Salah successfully led a revolution that unseated a 30 years dictatorship in Sudan, a certain 35 years old aunty Nneka from Nigeria is busy ranting that any man who asks her out is not just indebted to her but must also become her eternal ATM.#Nneka

— James Bamidele (@iamjamesbams) April 11, 2019

Sincerely this #Nneka said the mind and thought of majority of our Nigerian girls, they might not come out direct nd tell you, but if you hear ur headlines in their gossip sessions,,, my brother you will mourn for days…. #nneka was just sincere and direct simple,!

— Zadokzibar (@zadokzibar) April 12, 2019

Please stop making what #Nneka said as Igbo thing, this is the mentality of 99% of Nigerian lady!
Once you're close to them, you automatically owe them. Any day you stop giving then you're either broke or stingy in their eyes!

— Madubuko J. Arinze (@madubukoarinze) April 12, 2019

TwitterNG girls are all abusing #Nneka, even the ones that celebrate their birthday every time they meet a new guy. 😂😂😂

— #EndSARS🇳🇬 (@Centokoh) April 12, 2019

But on a low key.Majority of our mums lived like this.the aim was to marry a rich man and have beautiful babies while the man goes to work
Not sure about the Nudes tho.but they shall didn't loud it by telling everyone it's their life ambition
So why is everyone crying ?#Nneka

— Fairygodmoda🇳🇬 (@fairygodmoda) April 12, 2019

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