Ondo Resident Electoral Commissioner Beats Security Man, Removes His Tooth

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The Resident Electoral Commission, REC in Ondo state, Rufus Akeju has been accused of physically attacking one of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC’s security men in the state.

A source, who craved anonymity, confirmed that Akeju molested the guard over the issue of putting on the generating set in his residence.

“The Ondo REC (Mr. Akeju) removed the tooth of the security guard, this was after he had assaulted the man severely by also punching him on the face.

“Just imagine, the character of such man who called himself the REC in Ondo state, and the offence of this security guard was that he could not put on the electrical generating set on time.

“This whole issue started when the electricity company took the light and there was total blackout. So the poor security man was instructed to put on the Perkins generating plant.

“Unfortunately, the security man had the problem of starting the engine, and while attempting to find some solution, the Ondo REC was already at his back and with provocation, he hits by punching the guard on his face as blood gushes out.

“The security guard lost a tooth and what was painful was that he didn’t allow the man to seek for medical attention throughout that night as he was in serious pain.

“The sad tale of it was that the REC went ahead to use security officers to arrest the security gaurd after he lied against him of insurbodination and this man could not get access to proper treatment.

“I don’t know if you have engaged this man (Akeju) before, he called himself a former ambassador but he is very wicked and threats many of his staff like animals and slaves.

“If you have ever come across him, you would see all these talismanic rings in his hand which he possesed, he slaps, beat, punches and molest the staff of the commission at the Akure office with these rings.”

However, family sources of Mr Ala disclosed that he is still in the hospital recuperating but not yet ready to talk about the whole scenario.

“We have take care of him but I just know he is not willing to talk on the issue because of his job,” the family member said.

Some staff of the commission also explained their ordeal in the hand of the Ondo REC, Mr Akeju, while claiming that they are suffering in silence.

“See, it’s true that the incident happened but we cannot talk about it for the fear of our job. This man (Akeju) is a complete disaster and the worse person they have ever posted to the INEC office in Akure.

“He assaults us virtually everyday by beating and telling us to kneel down like primary or secondary school students. He sees himself as an emperor and knows no one can dare question his authority in the office.

“He punched the gateman deployed based on statutory posting to the official house of the commission by removing his tooth out of anger.

“The man cannot deny that he is not molesting his staff here at the INEC office in Akure and if he does, we are ready to open the books for him so far our job will still be guaranteed” one of them said.

Reacting to the allegations in his office, Akeju denied assaulting Mr Ala, but admitted that he was recently posted to his official residence in order to assist with the generating set.

He stated that the security man just came to replace another person, adding that he could actually operate the generator.

“At my age, I do not have anything to gain by beating up anybody.

“I have leant not to hit anybody besides I have other security officers.”

He also admitted that he is tough, straight and a fair boss but the staff feel he is not relating with them enough.

“I am here for them and I don’t know why people prevent them from reaching me,” he said.

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