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Negative Effects of Mobile Phone Usage and Possible Preventions

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Mobile Phone or Cell phone is a piece of electronic device used to make and receive calls over a radio frequency area. Mobile phones make communications between two or more persons easy. Despite its numerous advantages, there are other negative sides related to the use of mobile phones

Below are some of the negative effects of mobile phone on human.

  1. It causes infertility in men and also decrease sperm count

Putting cell phone on your pocket or hanging it on your belt can cause damage to your health. It was recently proposed to be the cause of infertility, especially in male. It was shown that when a cell phone is in talk mode and located in close proximity to the testes (the male reproductive organ in which sperm is made), causes sperm cells damage which lead to birth defect and higher incidence of various disabilities. This is due to the production of toxic or reactive oxygen species by radiation from cell phones.

  1. It causes breast cancer

A recent study has revealed a visible connection between cell phones placed on pocket closed to your breast region causes breast cancer in young woman. It was recently discovered that men are also getting breast cancer by carrying cell phones in their shirt pockets.

  1. It causes brain cancer

Research discovers that adults who have used cell phone for at least 10 years experiences increase in brain cancer and a rare eye cancer on the side of the head where the cell phone was predominantly held. Also, scientists discovered that when the cells of humans are made visible to phone radiation it destroys the blood brain barrier, which help to prevent blood from penetrating the brain.

Ways to prevent cell phone damages

Due to the dangers of mobile phone radiation, safety measures should be considered in order to protect your health and fertility.

Below are the various ways of preventing damage from the usage of cell phone:

  • Talk less and Text more: Cell phones tend to emit strong radiation through calls compare to text messages. It is advisable to do more texting than call making.
  • Always call when the signal is strong: Discoveries have shown that weak signal bars means that the cell phone must have a strong signal in other to broadcast. This means that the weaker the signal the more the emitted radiations from cell phones.
  • Don't keep your cell phone under your pillow or in your pocket: Phone emits radiation /signal to connect with closely cell phone cables, also even when asleep, don't keep the cell phone under your pillow because radiations are still emitted.
  • Use a headset or ear phone to answer call instead of holding the phone to your ear.
  • When in use, hold phone away from your body: Radiations are emitted between the phone and your head and don't put your phone on your pocket or shirt even when using headset.

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