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Job Seekers - See Best Way To Answer "Why Should We Hire You"

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Do you know that One of the most important things to do if you want to answer this question well is understand what you want to say at first!

So we decided to give you the most important tips on getting that job of your choice. This will help you understand what the employer is looking for and as such will help you frame your answer to suit what they want.
As a Job Seeker; basically, you want to show them that in hiring you they will get an enthusiastic employee who has the skill set for the position and that you’ll get to build your skills and grow your career. As much as companies want to know how you benefit them, showing you will benefit from the position will show that you are really interested in the position and not just the monetary aspect.

1. Show That You Meet All The Requirements For The Position
Be smart to know that a great way to show the recruiter that you are indeed the best choice for the position is to show them that you meet the requirements they had indicated in the job advert

2. Keep your wordings short & reasonable
Do you know, another important thing to remember when answering “why should we hire you?” is that your answer should be short and to the point. You cannot spend a lot of time answering this question because you will look like you don’t know what you are saying.
Keep your answer short and to the point but ensure you get the information across.

3. Aways Focus on Your Uniqueness
What makes you different from all the other candidates and what is it that you bring to the table that others don’t. This is basically what you should focus on showing the interviewer.
This is a chance for you to talk about your most impressive strengths that align with the top requirements of the job. Give a list of your strengths and examples of how you have used them to the benefit of the companies you have worked for before.

4. Practice
This should be obvious because the only way you can get better at something is to practice. It doesn’t matter how good your answers are if you are not confident, then the interviewer will not recommend you for the position. This is because you come off as unsure of what you are saying.
The best way to win over the interviewer is to deliver your answers confidently and this can only be done when you practice your answers beforehand. Do not under any circumstances try and wing it.[/url]

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