Introducing "Current Affairs Q & A" on NNU Income

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Good News!!!

We are resuming our daily extra cash bonus with a different style by given out instant cash bonus to the first commenter to provide answer as we introduce "Current Affairs Q & A" on NNU Income.

Awesome right? We need to keep ourselves busy and also earn for it. You could be earning instant cash bonus between ₦2,000, ₦5,000, ₦10,000 on NNU by just been the first person to provide a correct answer to any of our current affairs question topic daily.

This will also show our most active users, who have a better network and smart earners on NNU Income and be rewarded from time to time. Are you ready for this?

If yes, stay tuned to our Current Affairs Q & A on published daily starting from 15th December, 2018 between 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm or 6 pm daily. So, make sure you target this time and also stay online to see the question and be the first active user to provide answer and earn instant cash bonus.

Happy money making and complement of the season to all Nipers.

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