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Important Update on NNU Withdrawal And Payout System (Must Read)

By - - [ NNU Income ]

Good news everyone!

Finally, we have deployed our new withdrawal and payout system, so everything will be crystal clear and payout will be faster without much delay.

While we finish up the billing system for you to have multiple options to cash out your earning or using your wallet earning for subscription, let me quickly share with you and explain how our new withdrawal and payout system work.

New Update: Please take note

1, We have now enabled Wallet system on user dashboard. This means, any amount you have in your wallet is your real eligible balance that you can cash out.

2, You can always convert your unpaid referral earning to wallet fund at anytime in order for you to withdraw or use it on billing system later. Simply click on WALLET from your dashboard menu to do this.

3, Minimum you can withdraw to your bank is N5,000. So you must have at least N5,000 in your wallet balance before you can withdraw to your bank account.

4, We now automatically share NARS or activities earning from our monthly revenue which automatically show up on your dashboard as seen from the screenshot below when revenue is available.

5, When NARS - NNU ad revenue sharing is available monthly, you will see it on your dashboard, and you will have option to request your share to your wallet.

6, Once you click on request, you will be asked to provide your Facebook profile link for us to verify if you share our post or not before getting approved NARS to your wallet..

7, If confirmed, your NARS share will be credited to your wallet and deducted from your activities earning while your balance remains intact for another month revenue share. This will be done from time to time monthly. Then you can convert your referral earning to your wallet and withdraw to your bank account when you have up to N5,000 in your wallet.

How To Cash Out / Withdraw Your Earning

Affiliate commissions are paid out in cash withing 24-48 hours when you have earned up to N5,000 and above in your wallet and request for withdrawal. You can as well use your wallet balance to pay bills or transfer to other member.

NARS / activities earning can be used for advertising on the website, you can also sell, transfer or escrow your NARS earning to our advertisers for cash exchange. Otherwise you can always wait for NNU revenue share to be converted in wallet balance for cash payout when revenue is available.

9, Once you have fund in your wallet and you request withdrawal to your bank from now on, you ill receive your payment credit alert within 24 - 48 hours.

10, Those who have made withdrawal using the new withdrawal system between the deployment date 16th January 2018, will start getting their payment between 24 - 48 hours with our automated payout system.

11, The sweet part of this with the new improvement is that, whatever you have in your wallet is what you are eligible to cash out, so no more delay in verifying your activities before you get paid to your bank account.

12, No more waiting, no more monthly payout recording and payout delay. We are doing everything it takes to accelerate payout processes. At the end of each month from January, 2018 payout record of each month will be published including all users that got paid during the month.

13, So, pending payout on withdrawal record from October to December 2018 will be paying out gradually and will be published in due time. While those who start using the new withdrawal and payout system get paid within 24 - 48 hours.

We thank you all for your patient and believing in us. NNU project is very big and its on higher priority among all our other projects. We will do whatever it takes to make sure we stand out and keep running as long as internet keep running.

We will update you all on subsequent improvement.

Thank you and happy money making.

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